Turn Teddy Bears into Smiles — Now and 30 Years from Now


Did you have a Teddy Bear or other stuffed animal you loved the “stuffing” out of when you were little? Teddy Bears especially are loyal friends kids can count on through thick and thin. Unbreakable, huggable, and happy to share the bed with a menagerie of fuzzy friends, Teddy Bears are a mainstay of childhood. Like blankets, their faithful presence really does help children feel secure.

Here’s a wonderful idea we found for using Teddy Bears to project your hopes and dreams for your child into the future — and get some sure laughs in years ahead. It’s simple. Just buy two identical Teddies today: one for your child to love now, and one for her child to love later.

Put the second bear into storage for the long haul. And meanwhile, as your child grows up with her Teddy, you’ll enjoy your own little secret; knowing a twin bear is tucked away for a future tiny person to love and rely on in just the same way.

When your child finally outgrows her well-worn Teddy, and he sits collecting dust on the shelf, be sure to retrieve, clean and store this old friend. Or if you can’t spare the storage, get some good photos of beloved old bear before moving him on.

In years that will fly by faster than you can imagine . . . imagine the fun when you have a grandchild on the way! Dig out the new bear and old, and with your expanding family revisit the adventures that Teddy took with your child. Take some side-by side photos of the old and new — Teddies, people, and friends united.

How to store stuffed animals

Store clean stuffed animals by wrapping them in acid-free paper and placing in archival quality boxes with lids, just as you would store quality linens. Keep from heat, and dehumidify if necessary for your climate. You’ll find archival materials at craft, storage, and some retail supercenters, as well as many online sources.

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