Take Family Photos that Focus on Moments and Milestones


While nothing compares to a family portrait or special occasion photographed by a pro, it’s also true that nothing compares to the photos of your family you take yourself.  We hope that includes turning the camera on you.  Too often, mom or dad is left out of the picture because they’re taking it.

Here are a few tips to help you put yourself in the picture as you also capture more everyday moments in your family’s life.  If you want to jazz up some of those takes in front of the camera, we have some neat ideas for that.

Moments and milestones

Photographing milestones is wonderful, but don’t stop there. Whether it’s the entire gang piled on the couch for movie night or a random stop for ice cream, instead of being forgotten, these unremarkable moments can become among your most cherished over the years. Revisiting them is like popping open a time capsule-a way to travel back to the exact way the kitchen light backlit your daughter’s curls (and your own unbelievable hairstyle) or that quirky diner where your son’s stubborn tooth finally let loose.

Technology to the rescue

First, start by putting yourself in the picture with a selfie stick or tripod. Mini-desktop tripods run under $10.  Use your camera’s shutter-release timer or purchase a remote. Someday, your kids will love seeing how you looked with them in your 20s, 30s and beyond. So will you. We promise.

Put a child in charge

Want to add a spontaneous feeling to your shots? Hand off the shutter release to your child and see what you get.

Stage it and set an interval timer

One option to capture more ordinary moments is to set up a shot in advance, such as reading a story to your kids in bed. If you’re into photography, put your camera on a tripod and preset focus and lighting. Go candid by using an interval timer to take lots of shots, say one every 15 seconds.

Make it unique with creative staging

Impromptu shots are great, but here are some ideas for family photos inspired by The Huffington Post to bump up the fun and interest:

  • Dress-alikes: Bare your chests to reveal your superhero undershirts.
  • Best feet forward: Shoot only the family’s lower legs as they walk or dip toes into the pool. Or shot other parts: hands together, backs of heads, etc.
  • New perspective: Take photos from the level of your preschooler’s eyes, or shoot directly downward onto little ones’ heads.
  • Ready, set, go: Have the entire family jump into the air — click! Swing kids from arms, leap into the pool, or everybody toss beach balls into the air at the same time.
  • Silly faces: Uncover real smiles by first making some silly faces. We love those silly face shots, too!

Even if the scene is as simple as your family around the breakfast table, the wonderful interior life of your family is yours alone to capture — unique moments as beautiful as they are ordinary, precious experiences that inevitably fade away.  At Teddy Bear Portraits, we know that memories matter and take pride in our lifetime guarantee, so while the memories may fade, your treasured portraits of your children won’t!

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