Start a New Family Photo Tradition


What are your favorite family summer traditions? Going to a family reunion or spending a weekend at a campsite are old favorites. But despite activities like these, the dog days of summer can drag on, especially for little kids. They can easily become bored, and the lament for “something to do” soon follows.

New family summer traditions to the rescue! And that can include taking a unique summer family photo every year.

Kick off some ideas for new traditions by scanning this great list of family traditions from Parents. Ideas include holding your own family Olympics, creating an outdoor chalk mural, or hosting an outdoor movie night for friends and neighbors. Creative ideas for preschoolers include inventing your own summer holiday, such as the summer solstice, the first day the thermometer climbs to 100, or — especially for the little ones — Backwards Day. Backwards Day is a date like the 11th that reads the same forward and backward. Celebrate with eggs sunny side down and wearing clothes backwards, and whatever else you come up with.

Create a classic family photo

Whether you’re adopting new traditions like these or stopping at the same scenic spot your family visits every year, consider snapping a family photo as a new tradition. For fun, come up an unexpected element in the shot like having everybody wear funny glasses. Repeat next year, maybe with a variation; for example, instead of lining up like soldiers in front of scenic view, wear fake moustaches one year, and silly hats the next.

Other variations on this idea:

  • Photograph the whole family wearing the same color or same style outfits.
  • Have everybody strike a funny pose.
  • Shoot from an unusual angle or perspective. For example, celebrate Backward Day with a shot of everybody taken from the back.
  • Take the shot at the exact same time, date, and location every year.

Repeat over the years, and you’ll soon have a unique photo series that will become a true family classic and jog memories of fun times for years to come.