Spring Break Photography Tips

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Spring Break! Don’t Make These Photography Goofs

Great photography is your ticket back in time to a glorious moment in your child’s life, like spring break shared together as a family on a special beach. If your photos don’t measure up to your memories, see if you recognize any of these goofs in your discard pile. No worries, they’re easy to fix once you become aware!

Mistake #1. Don’t have a subject. Do you point and shoot only to be disappointed by photos that seem blah? Instead, select a subject and adjust your shot to make the subject dominant. In a landscape, for example, this might be a tree or geometric shape created by shadows or clouds. For a portrait, eyes are a safe bet. Don’t be afraid to go close on people shots, to bump up interest big-time. Capture an unexpected detail like a sandy ponytail draping down a child’s back.

Mistake #2. Line up the gang for a group shot. Group shots don’t have to be dull. For an instant upgrade, move everybody in so the faces form a tight shape, such as a triangle, with heads at different levels. Have people kneel, hold children, or stand at different levels on a staircase. Use natural features of the landscape, and let every face be seen. Get creative with posing and viewpoints, say, your family basking on the beach, but with photographer prone on the sand, too. Choose backgrounds carefully and be creative. Move your position up or down.

Mistake #3. Fail to see the power line. Ahh… who hasn’t experienced those errant power lines, traffic signs, and strands of hair that come from nowhere to intrude on our favorite shots? If you’re lucky you can edit them out but better to edit them out before the shot. Banish intruders, then click that shutter.

Mistake #4. Shoot in bright sunlight. You may have chosen a spring break vacation spot just to plant your beach towels in the sizzling rays of Mr. Sun, but a clear, sunny day is not a photographer’s best friend. Bright sunlight tends to wash out color, while cloudy days enhance. Dusk and dawn are especially magical times for capturing the feeling of a locale or favorite face.

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