Spring Break! Four Awesome Photo Crafts for Kids

Blog April 3

Spring Break! Four Awesome Photo Crafts for Kids

Put photography at the center of a craft project and you’re sure to grab attention. When children see these projects—that feature their images, beware: laughter can get out of control. Kids love to be creative with their images — to see themselves in new ways — and to share their personalized creations as gifts.

So pull together some photos for kids to cut and paste, and let the fun begin. And make sure to help the younger kids with cutting or to simplify shapes.

1. Funny-face paper-plate mask – So simple, so fun. In our twist on this craft, kids can cut out their own portrait features such as eyes, lips, nose, and ears. Or, trade with other kids, add in facial features from magazine clippings (even animals!), and have fun mixing up elements. Compose funny faces by gluing pieces onto the back of a paper plate, then add holes and string to make the mask.

2. Handprint – headshot photo blossom print – It’s almost spring, so turn up the flower power. Cut out a facial close-up in a circle to become the center of a blossom. On large background paper, create large flower petals to surround the image, then glue the face in the center of the blossom. Kids make hand stamps to create the leaves, and you’ve got green thumbs to wash up. Cute!

3. Mini-shadowbox fridge magnets – How about your child’s portrait or a favorite spring break scene for display on the fridge or gift to grandparents, but with a twist — 3D objects? Use mini-tins from the craft store, or keep it simple with jar lids. Glue a magnet to back of tin or lid, then cut the photos to fit inside the lid and glue. Mini-tins give kids the option of gluing on 3D objects, such as the shells the kids collected on spring break.

4. Awesome handmade tassel bookmarks – Have kids pose for photos with hands outstretched above them, as though they are hanging onto a rope. Size and print the photo so the full body shot of the child matches the bookmark’s size. In a nutshell: kids glue backing onto the photo for stiffness, then laminate with shelf liner and cut out the body image. Last but not least, add a tassel made from embroidery floss. These are really awesome and would make useful and lasting gifts that are sure to bring a smile for the person who is on the receiving end.

As always, make sure these projects are age-appropriate for your children and are supervised appropriately. And let us know if your kids try any of these projects!





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