Save Your Photos Day

Save Your Photos Day

Teddy Bear Portraits by Nationwide Studios, Inc. is a member of the Save Your Photos Alliance, a group of photo organizers, non-profits and businesses committed to being the premier organization for the SAFEGUARDING, RECOVERING, RESTORING, and REUNITING of photos and treasured memorabilia before and after disasters occur. Save Your Photos Day is an international event for those who believe that every life is a story worth preserving and sharing.

Now that the spring and summer storm seasons are over, most people are NOT thinking about planning for a disaster. However, it is a great time for a family to consider how they can protect their most treasured assets – photos and photo albums. Photo preservationist and organization experts, Teddy Bear Portraits by Nationwide Studios, Inc., will show participants the importance of having a plan in place to protect photos before a disaster hits. The event will include interesting visuals with Teddy Bear Portraits delivering a plan on how to protect photos before an unexpected loss occurs whether from accidents, fire, wind or water.  Teddy Bear Portraits will also highlight Save Your Photos Day, on Saturday, September 27th at the Gallatin Public Library in Gallatin. This event is to educate the community on how to get started with organizing and protecting their photos. Teddy Bear Portraits will also share with the community, numbers and statistics related to the volume of photos taken in a year, which are staggering – along with how people are looking for help in organizing and protecting their photos.

Teddy Bear Portraits by Nationwide Studios, Inc. is hosting a FREE community event and participating in the Save Your Photos Day Saturday, September 27, 2014 from 10:00am-2:00pm at the Gallatin Public Library 123 East Main Street, Gallatin, TN. Participants can scan up to 12 photographs to a free preservation site or may bring a flash drive if preferred.

The partnership between the Save Your Photos Day Alliance and Teddy Bear Portraits seems like a natural fit and we are participating in this preservation day because we believe in the value of printed portraits, preserving and sharing memories from generation to generation. Our story began with one man’s humble vision: a pony, a camera, and a bathtub for developing pictures – with the goal of capturing a memory of a child that would be forever catalogued in time: a memory that could be re-visited for years to come and passed across generations.  In fact, all of Teddy Bear’s portraits come with a 100% lifetime guarantee. We archive and store all of our images digitally, giving families a safety net and peace of mind—knowing that their printed portraits will be replaced at no cost in the event of fading, discoloration, adhering to glass or loss due to a natural disaster. That is what the Save Your Photos Day Alliance mission focuses on.

To learn more about the Save Your Photos Alliance watch a quick video, What Is Save Your Photo Day and How Was It Inspired.   If you would like to participate and are not residing in Gallatin, TN please visit the event map. Save Your Photos Alliance Locations.