One Secret to Meaningful Father’s Day Gifts

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There is a surefire way to make any Father’s Day gift more meaningful: integrate a photo of someone he loves, to hear call him “Dad.” We’ve got loads of online gift items that fill the bill — featuring our portraits or your original photography. We also love the ideas below from bloggers and crafters for making photo gifts for Father’s Day. Have young kids join in the fun —  and get in the picture.

1. Capture several generations of fathers in one photo.

Do you have portraits of multiple generations, such as great-grandfather, grandfather, and Dad? Have the youngest or most senior family member pose with portraits of multiple generations. Head to your local photo shop or kiosk if you need help enlarging an old snapshot.

2. Photograph kids holding over-sized message to dad.

This example shows kids holding oversized letters, spelling out “ Dad,” composed in a multi-image frame. This one uses dimensional letters. Here’s another sweet variation. Have kids write out messages to Dad on small chalkboards, then photograph them holding the boards and frame as a collage.

3. Make a photo memory jar or snow globe. Pull together a few small photos and laminate them. Add meaningful trinkets that represent Dad’s interests. . . perhaps fishing lures or golf  ball? Add to a jar with glycerin, glitter and seal. Voila, a memory jar!

4. Visit our online shop for personalized gifts — perfect for summer!

Overdue for a truly special Father’s Day gift? Stop by our online store and pursue our photo gifts, personalized with a portrait . Dad will be happy to un-wrap a sleek stainless steel sports bottle featuring either a portrait taken by us, or a candid shot of yours. Other great gifts for Dad and perfect for summertime are a cooler bag or T-shirt, as well as mugs, coasters, desk accessories and more, all personalized with an image.




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