Making Valentine Gifts (for directors)

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4 Valentine Gifts for Preschool Fun

Got a roomful of preschoolers? Perfect, because we’ve got a collection of crafty ways to soak up their excess winter energy. Here are five gifts that kids can make for mom, dad, or anybody on their list. Low on mess and high on fun, these will wake up little hearts to the joy of creating and giving.

  1. Printable Inchworm Pencils – This darling creature uses a free printable. Download and print on colorful paper, cut into strips per the guides, and then accordion fold each strip. Punch a hole through the folded paper to insert a pencil to make the worm. Draw or glue on a face to make this larvae truly likeable, ready to measure the love.
  2. Paper-Plate Heart Hats –  What mom or dad wouldn’t be proud to wear this Valentine hat? Better yet, gaze at the adorable cuteness it makes atop their favorite child’s head. Create a headband by cutting a heart shape partially out of the center of a paper plate, leaving the center attached at the point. Decorate them and then bend up the center to open up the headband.
  3. Hula Hearts Lei – Instead of flowers, this necklace is a cheery ring of Valentine hearts.  Cut hearts from colored papers to form the “flowers.” Cut drinking straws into short lengths to serve as spacers between the hearts. Punch small holes in paper heart centers and string all together with yarn. Here’s a great chance to teach kids a little Hawaiian: Me Ke Aloha – With love!
  4. Stained Glass Heart – These translucent hanging hearts hung in a sunny window will brighten any cold February day and remind mom of how much she’s loved. Depending on the age of the kids, give a little extra help by first creating a “frame” by cutting a large paper heart from construction paper and then cutting another to create an open center. This project suggests backing the paper frame with clear contact paper but you could also glue on wax paper. With the frame and backing in place, kids create the stained glass collage in the center by gluing on cut or torn bits of colored tissue paper. Add a string or ribbon hanger at the top. This project is simply lovely!



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