Make Every Day Portrait Day, Part 2


How to Take Great Photos of Kids With a Smartphone

In our previous post, we shared a few ideas for getting the most out of your smartphone camera. This time around, we’ll share a few ideas to help you get the most out of the moment and take your photos to the next level. You may not be a professional, but you can act like one!

Tip 1: Catch Them in the Act

Your kids are on the move, all day, every day. Nothing kills a beautiful moment like, “hold still and say cheese!” Instead, channel your inner photojournalist and catch your child in the act. Swimming, running, jumping, skipping, swinging, and sliding, are all wonderful opportunities to capture those adrenaline-fueled candid childhood smiles.


Tip 2: Look Them in the Eye

Take some time to scroll through the hundreds of photos on your phone. If you see a lot of pictures of the top of your kid’s head, or dozens of upturned faces, it’s time to adjust your shooting stance: get down on their level. Don’t be afraid to use your knees, bottom, or back. Perspective is critical when taking great pictures of your children, and there’s really nothing like looking up to your kid.


Tip 3: Keep Snapping

If you remember those ancient decades of 24- and 36-exposure rolls of film, well, those days are long gone. After all, it’s not like your phone’s memory is limited to a finite number of shutter clicks. Besides, your phone has a delete option for a reason. Get used to hitting that “shutter” button multiple times, you never know which shot will be the winner.


Tip 4: Step Into the Light

Diffused morning and afternoon lights make excellent conditions for photography. You won’t have to worry about harsh, direct shadows and the warm colors of the sun really shine. Whenever possible, keep the light source to your back and allow the glow of your light source to illuminate your child’s face. Shooting directly into the light source will overshadow your child’s face, leaving them in darkness and their surroundings in blinding light. That said, don’t be afraid of shadows and patterns. If the morning sun casts some incredible shadows, use them to frame your child in their surroundings. Looking at the world through both the eyes of your child and the eyes of the nature make for superior photos.


Tip 5: Print and Share

Sharing is easy these days. With a flick of a finger your digital images can be enjoyed on Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter and more. And that’s great! But really, print them. Data can be lost and corrupted, websites can crash or disappear, but photo albums last for generations.If not for yourself, do it for your future grandchildren and great grandchildren.

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