Boats to Float for Kids’ Sailing Fun


Ahoy, matey! Boating is classic fun for the whole family and especially kids. While parents relish taking summer cruises on ocean liners or powering around a lake or river, kids’ imaginations take flight when they create their own Jolly Roger or race soap boats down slippery slopes.

Here are five inspired crafts to buoy up your kids!

  1. Make a little boat:
    Hello, Wonderful shares 10 delightful ways to make boats using simple and abundant materials scavenged from your home or yard. Make a boat from a sponge, pick up a piece of driftwood, or use a milk carton. Find your supplies, put up the mast, and get your rig underway.
  2. Race a soapy boat:
    Ready for a regatta? Soap boats are super simple to make. All you need is a bar of soap, a toothpick, a fabric mast, and away you go. Your waterway? How about a piece of rain gutter (or two, side-by-side) filled with water. Get more details here.
  3. Make boat art:
    Little feet and fingers dipped in paint make for this cute boat with this idea from CraftyMorning. Pull out a piece of white cardstock, some colorful water-based craft paint, and stamp your little one’s footprint on the paper. Decorate the mainsail and post your masterpiece.
  4. Build a big boat:
    Every captain needs a ship. Take a cue from What I Live For and construct a pirate ship with a big cardboard box. Shape the box, cut a porthole or two, add a mast and a wheel, and yer beauty is ready to hit the high seas in search of treasure.
  5. Eat a healthy boat:
    After a long day on the water, crafting and tacking, a little snack is order. How about a healthy celery boat filled with hummus and a pita sail? Looking for something a little sweeter? A tropical fruit boat, made with bananas, blueberries and other yummy fruits will satisfy even the pickiest eater.


Whatever boat you float this season, make your voyages full of fun.