Before and After: Recreating Childhood Photos


Most people are fascinated by before and after shots, whether it’s a makeover of a kitchen or the cook’s outdated look. A take on this idea is to recreate photographs from childhood, putting today’s faces in front of the camera for comparison with more youthful “before” versions.

This back to the future concept is the brainchild of photographer Irena Werning, who solicits old childhood photos and subjects willing to be captured as they look now. Her meticulous recreations show each person years older, in shots are carefully staged to mirror the same pose, expression, outfit, props, location, lighting and style of the old photo.

Before and after shots are then presented side-by-side, with remarkable effect.

Attention to detail is key to much of the intrigue. But fundamentally, how people and times change are fascinating, and nothing captures a face and a feeling as well as a photograph.

Take your Teddy Bear Portraits back to the future

Childhood portraits are perfect for this project, so keep this in mind for future enjoyment of photos by Teddy Bear portraits.

While annual school portraits may capture your child’s changing face as they grow up, a portrait recreation has a different effect. These recreations capture more than facial changes: the bygone styles, the feeling of a certain time, the awareness of the subject as they revisit who they once were . . . or is it just simple fun?

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Good fun for family and group shots

If you’re looking for inspiration, pull up some of the childhood photo re-creations posted on social media and photo sharing sites. Some of the funniest images revive long-gone fashions, or bring adults together to recapture silly childhood milestones!

Recreating some childhood photos might be a wonderful project to bring to your next family reunion, wedding, birthday party, or other event attended by favorite family members featured your photo album in younger years.