Teddy Bear Portraits began with one man’s humble vision: a pony, a camera, and a bathtub for developing pictures – with the goal of capturing a memory of a child that would be forever cataloged in time: a memory that could be re-visited for years to come and passed along to generation upon generation. Today, Teddy Bear Portraits is the industry leader in preschool and childcare photography and operates in 46 states nationwide. Our photographers and staff are specially trained for working with the developmental stages of preschool-aged children and are experts in capturing each child’s unique personality – the smile in their eyes – providing you with memories of your child that are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Our staff delivers pre-printed portraits to your childcare center where they can be purchased and taken home that day. Service… Convenience… Quality…  and a Lifetime Guarantee.


We portray the human spirit of children by creating portraits that capture the personality of each child – the smile in their eyes – with the highest level of quality, service and professionalism.

We seek to be the best in quality, customer service and employee commitment to earn the privilege of being the industry’s leader by providing legacy portraits that parents will treasure

• The Golden Rule – We treat children, staff, parents and each other with courtesy, dignity and respect. We support, protect and preserve our communities, and the environment.
• Excellence
• Family – We cherish family and understand there is no greater gift than a child.
• TEAM – We promote diversity in our thinking, business practices, workplace, and realize that we have responsibility to the company and our colleagues.
• Servant Leadership

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